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България - април 2013

darikУчители и ученици от шест държави се събраха в град Левски


8.04 – 13.04.2013




  1. Planting trees with soil from different countries and sending messages to the world organized by Comenius Club – Lets change the world together - Bulgaria.
  2. Fashion show with clothes made of waste materials and competition for the best one.
  3. Organizing trips to the nearest waterfall, a cave dating back to the middle of the Early Stone Age.


Monday /8.04.2013/ - meeting all participants in the project in Sofia and                    showing them the capital of Bulgaria

Tuesday /9.04.2013/ - After the official meeting at school and the municipality we planted trees in the schoolyard. Each partner put soil from their country next to their tree. After that we painted stones and decorated them between the trees. Each tree was tied with the national flag of the participating country.

Meeting at the Municipality.

Aim: To increase students’ environmental consciousness to learn how to help our planet survive. To be healthy we need fresh air from trees. And all these could be done together with our friends and having fun.

Wednesday /10.04.2013/ - We organized trip to discover natural beauties of Bulgaria. We spent wonderful time walking along an Eco path in a forest where we saw one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bulgaria. We also visited the Devetashka Cave – a cave that dates back to the middle of the Early Stone Age.

In the evening we organized our traditional Bulgarian evening with traditional dishes and folk dances.

Aim: To show our guests Bulgarian unique nature, our hospitality and traditions as a country dating for more than 1300 years

Thursday /11.04.2013/ - The day of the fashion show. All participants wearing eco costumes took part in a play called Ice Age 8. All costumes were made from waste materials. Before the play we sent messages to the world tied for balloons. The messages were written by students from the participating countries

he winners…….

… and the other participants ..

The aim:  We can be beautiful and have fun in clothes made by everything. Maybe in such clothes we are more attractive and different at each party. We can be designers of our own fashion stile when we use our imagination.

By sending our messages we wanted to say the other people that children are the future of the Earth and they care what will happen to it.

Friday /12.04.2013/ - a trip to the Old Bulgarian capital – Veliko Tarnovo

All activities were organized by Let’s change the world together club.

 The club started its work in September 2013. There are 20 members who took part in the activities. During the 2 years the members worked together to prepare all activities and help participants in their visits to the other countries.



Together with their teachers they:

  1. Planted trees in the schoolyard in autumn of 2012. Students, parents and teachers helped them.
  2. They draw their posters for Poland, thought about the LOGO of the project, made Christmas cards for their friends from the other countries, designed their sculptures for Turkey and wrote poems for Romania.
  3. Organized an exhibition with objects made from waste materials.


  • Planted trees in the school yard
  • Fashion show clothes made of waste materials
  • Let’s change the world together club